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CEO KPI Dashboard Examples from Real Mid Market CEOs

By Jessica Wishart

    Tue, Mar 12, 2019 @ 02:09 PM KPIs & Dashboards

    As a general rule, CEOs need easy access to a few key performance indicators—they need a CEO KPI  CEO KPI Dashboard Examples for CEOsdashboard that allows them, at a glance, to monitor how healthy the business is at a given point in time. With all the data you can have at your fingertips these days with mobile and tablets, it would be easy to go blind trying to interpret too many KPIs at once. And, it can be frustrating to be blindsided by problems or missed numbers when you don’t have the right data easily accessible. It’s imperative to identify a handful of metrics that you need to see daily or weekly. According to an article in Inc, "For busy CEOs, the KPIs you monitor should tell a quick story and give you insight into both external and internal trends."

    But, which KPIs belong on the CEO’s KPI dashboard?

    Business leaders need to keep up to date in real time (or as close as possible) so that they can have the actionable insights needed to make adjustments to their priorities. I checked the KPI Watchlist for ten of our top performing client CEOs in various industries, and here are some examples of KPIs that our CEOs are keeping an eye on with their executive dashboard:

    • Revenue

    • Revenue Growth

    • Gross Profit

    • Average Gross Margin

    • Total Leads by Revenue

    • Cumulative Sales

    • Operating Income

    • Orders

    • Sales Funnel

    • EBITDA

    • Customer Happiness

    • Stock Availability

    • Inventory Turnover

    • Customer Service Issues

    • Remakes

    • Returns

    • Performance Reviews

    • Employee Health

    • Dealer Satisfaction

    • Associate/Team Engagement

    • Customer Complaints

    Download the List of KPI Dashboard Examples From Real CEOs.

    I don’t think it is an accident that these successful CEOs are watching KPIs that fall into one of the 4 categories on a well balanced Rhythm Scorecard. As CEO, you need to keep your eye on one or two key metrics in each of these areas to have a balanced business dashboard:

    • Customers - Do your customers love, appreciate, and refer you?

    • Employees - Are your employees engaged, productive, delivering results, and excited about the future?

    • Revenue - Do you have the right product/service offerings and marketing/sales strategies to support your current and future revenue goals?

    • Processes - Do you have healthy operations and disciplines that you can scale for the future?

    Thinking about your business, what Customer, Employee, Revenue, and Process KPIs are key for your company’s success? Your list will be unique based on your industry and specific goals, but the ideal KPI dashboard for CEOs should include one or two metrics from each of the four areas to ensure a balanced scorecard of your company's success.

    Keep in mind that there may be more than KPIs on your CEO dashboard.  You'll also want to keep an eye on the key projects - or quarterly rocks in Rockefeller Habits - that help drive your numbers towards your strategic plan.  So if implementing a CRM is key a business project that you are undertaking to improve your sales KPIs, you'll want to make sure that you keep track of that project on your dashboard as well.  This will help ensure that you are not only looking at the key numbers, but you're also looking at what you are doing to improve those numbers. This will give the executive and management the performance dashboard that they need to keep the business performing at a high level.  


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