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Focus your team and keep your plan on track with our KPI software with visual dashboards.

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KPIs and Dashboards Provide a Clear View

Knowing what business results to affect and what problems need to be solved is critical to establishing the right company KPI’s. Effective KPI’s drive action that positively affects results through a clear definition of success, while being visible at a team level.

Rhythm KPI dashboard software provides tools that help to develop, record, view and adjust KPI’s, keeping teams on track and accountable, while providing a window to overall business success.

  • Get teams aligned with documented success criteria.
  • Utilize KPI dashboards to keep meetings on track.
  • Get a quick pulse of company health in seconds with ‘scorecards’.
  • Categorize KPIs and assign owners.
  • Track trends and make adjustments.

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An Easy To Use KPI Software Dashboard View Your KPIs

As team members enter KPI data into Rhythm, it automatically populates dashboard views for the company.

KPI Dashboards

Rhythm KPI Dashboards Keep You Focused

KPI Dashboards let you know what you need to discuss and let you drill down to see how other departments and groups are contributing to achieving the company goals.

KPI Energy Map

Different Views For Success

Not everyone wants to view their metrics the same way. Rhythm provides multiple ways to view your KPIs. You can choose one of these views or a combination of them to use in your Weekly Adjustment Meetings when you view and discuss KPIs.

  • Company Health Scorecard
  • Energy Map Dashboard
  • 13 Week Race Dashboard
  • Custom KPI Dashboards

Let Us Help Get You Started

  • We help you review and test your plan to make sure it passes the financial, accountability, focus and energy aspects.
  • We teach you to collaborate as a High Performance Team to accelerate great execution.
  • We help you establish the right habits to consistently meet or exceed your growth goals.

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