Making Rhythm Part of Your Culture:  Three Certification Success Stories

By Tiffany Chepul


At the recent Breakthrough Conference, I had the Rhythm Certification Success Storieshonor of recognizing three companies for their amazing successes using the Rhythm Certification Program. Each one of these companies found ways to really make Rhythm a part of their culture and help their teams master what they consider their companies’ operating system for strategy and execution.  

And the winners are…

Above & Beyond Award: AlphaGuardian 

The team at AlphaGuardian currently has about 80 Rhythm software users. However, they have over 150 employees engaged with Rhythm Certification! They have utilized Rhythm Fan Certification as a tool to engage the entire organization in learning the Rhythm methodology and language. It is a part of their new hire onboarding process and is encouraged at the highest levels of the organization. Their use of Rhythm Certification to build their culture is amazing – way to go, AlphaGuardian! 

Most Engaged Award: UP Professional Services 

The team at UP Professional Services currently has the highest percentage of Certified Rhythm Users at 93%! This means if you have a login to Rhythm software and you work at UP, you’re probably a Certified Rhythm User. This team has maximized their investment in the Rhythm program by ensuring all users are highly trained on how to utilize the software. This is a tremendous accomplishment – thank you, UP Professional Services!  

Fast Track Award: AvidXchange

The team at AvidXchange is experiencing exponential growth! As part of a massive push to scale, they have developed a comprehensive internal Learning Management System they call AvidU. Rhythm Certifications were incorporated into AvidU, and they also brought us in for classroom-style training sessions. In the span of 3 months, they increased the number of Rhythm users from 306 to 414 and grew from 52 to 78 teams using Rhythm. Their use of Rhythm Certification to scale is phenomenal – well done, AvidXchange!

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Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images