Our New Rhythm Features Help you Build High Performance Teams (Part 1)

By Ryan Walcott

dateTue, Nov 17, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

"My job sucks!"High-Performance-Teams-Job-Sucks

I hear these words from many family members and friends when I ask them about their work. It's likely you have also heard this quote from people when you ask them about their job. It's likely that you feel this way. If you are a manager, it's likely that the people that work for you feel this way. A recent Gallup study indicates that 70% or more of the US working population is disengaged at work. That means they are merely showing up for a job to get a paycheck. They really don't care about their work. Why is it that so many people feel this way about their work? What can be done to change this feeling about our work? I'm writing this blog to offer help. There is a better way.

Funny, most of the people I talk to that feel their job sucks think it's their boss's fault. My response is "Yes and No."  "Yes" in the sense that your boss is responsible for managing and leading you, but "No" it is not all your boss's fault. What if we changed our mindset about our jobs and careers to an ownership mindset? What I mean here is the sense that each one of us owns our own growth, development, and career path. Your boss doesn't own it - you own it.

The ownership mindset starts with understanding that you do not need to be totally dependent on your boss for success. You can and should understand what success look like for your job position and know clearly what is expected from your role within the company. You should know what results are expected from your job and how those results are measured. You should know if you are achieving those results in your work - every day. You should know what skills, traits, and competencies are necessary for you to be successful in your job. You should know if you have those and how well you are developing those things if you don't. You should know the key responsibilities for your job and be tracking whether or not you are living up to those responsibilities - every day. You should also know what the Core Values of your company are if your company has stated them. And you should know if you are living those values or not - every day.

Do you know these things about your job? If not, then stop blaming your boss because your job sucks. Look in the mirror instead and get the answers to those questions.

At Rhythm Systems, we've been researching and helping clients with this issue for years and have learned what works and what doesn't. As a result of that work and learning, I'm proud to announce our new Rhythm High Performance Teams features that will help you and your leadership know the answers to these questions so that you can effectively own your own growth, development, and career path. We've enhanced our Rhythm platform to now include a comprehensive Job Scorecard feature that will help you document your job role, understand and create KPIs to track desired results of your role, and track how well you are doing working against growth priorities in your role - every day. Leaders and managers can use these Job Scorecards to help their staff to understand these things to gain clarity in their roles.  

Everyone is on the same page. No more waiting around to be told what to do everyday. No more waiting for a dreaded annual performance review to find out what I've done wrong and what's keeping me from getting the raise I'm expecting and feel like I deserve.

But that's not the end of the journey. There is more.  I'll write about that in my next blog. 

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Ryan Walcott


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images