What Do You Think the Role of A Leader Is? (Poll)

By Alan Gehringer

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I am taking a poll on what you think the role of a leader is. There are a lot of good answers to this questionWhat makes a good leader poll that I have heard, read, and practiced through the years. Let me share three primary ones I recently came across that I think are good, quick reminders for those who lead in their organizations.

3 Primary Roles of a Leader

  • Provide Clarity on core values, core purpose, BHAG, and 3-5 year strategies. As a leader, you are charged with selling the vision internally and externally and with getting good people motivated and activated to make it a reality. 
  • Facilitate Execution on strategic and operating plans while acting as a coach, mentor and role model for the other leaders and team members. As a leader, it is not up to you do all of the heavy lifting, but it is up to you to act as the conductor of the orchestra and make sure you have the right team of individuals assembled to achieve something greater than the sum of their parts to produce the desired results.
  • Create Sustainability by mitigating risk to the business, ensuring the processes, quality and offerings are continuously improving to remain competitive and surpass customer expectations. Guide the development of organizational succession plans to build a bench of upcoming leaders and create an organization that will exist long after you are gone.

What do you think?

Now, back to my poll. What do you think the role of a leader is? Please comment on this blog to let our readers know your thoughts.

Good luck and lead well, Alan

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Alan Gehringer


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images