CEO Podcasts: 8 Best Podcasts for CEOs

By Jessica Wishart

CEO podcast

dateTue, Nov 30, 2021 @ 11:03 AM

This has been a banner year for new podcasts! It seems like there's a new one launched every week. ceo podcastsI suspect people who found themselves suddenly unable to travel or with more time on their hands due to the pandemic turned to this alternative medium where you don't have to be in person to be connected and reach an audience.

If you are heading back into the office in the new year and looking for some interesting and informative podcasts for the commute -- or, if you're like me and still working from home but looking for something to listen to as you aimlessly walk your neighborhood streets for the thousandth time, you'll find something in this list!

  1. Dare to Lead with Brené Brown - As a fan of the book by the same title, I was excited to see this podcast launch. So far, Brown has tackled aspects of leadership through interviews with soccer star Abby Wambach, former president Barak Obama, and the great Jim Collins. The show's part book promotion, part leadership exposition, and part inspiration. It's a good one for a long walk on a Sunday.
  2. The Tim Ferriss Show The author of best-selling The 4-Hour Workweek interviews just about everyone you can think of from actors and athletes to authors and business leaders. He aims to deconstruct success in a variety of arenas and offer tactical tips and strategies listeners can use.
  3. WorkLife with Adam Grant - Author and organizational psychologist Adam Grant focuses on finding the key to a better work life, something I think we've all struggled with in 2020. My favorite topics include "How Science Can Fix Remote Work" and "The Science of the Deal" but he covers a wide variety of subjects in the show's 30+ episodes.
  4. How I Built This (NPR) - Guy Raz is a master at bringing fascinating stories of failure and success to life in this classic that never gets old. Recent episodes include a tribute to the late Zappos founder Tony Hsieh and heartfelt stories of "how I built resilience" from entrepreneurs about how they are dealing with these turbulent times.
  5. Planet Money (NPR)- News on the economy couldn't be more important to understand going into 2021, and this podcast keeps episodes relatively short (20-30 minutes each) and surprisingly engaging.
  6. WeCrashed - Dive deep into the rise and fall of WeWork; check out how things went so wrong for the tech start up in this interesting 6-part series.
  7. HBR IdeaCast This weekly staple from HBR has kept current with recent episodes exploring topics like burnout, teaming up with the competition, cryptocurrency, and on-demand work.
  8. Race at Work with Porter Braswell This is a relatively new podcast that launched in the fall of 2020 in response to the rise in popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement over the summer. The goal is to share and learn from stories about race, which can be hard to talk about in a workplace. Guests so far include Cisco's Chief People Officer and Mastercard's former Chief Diversity Officer. If you're into diversity and inclusion pods, HBR also has a Women at Work podcast that's been around a bit longer that I've recently discovered and want to check out, too.

What are you listening to? Share your podcast faves in the comments!

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