Your Boring Weekly Meetings Need a Dead Body

By Patrick Thean


My wife and daughter are obsessed with Criminal Minds. If you have never seen the show, almost every Weekly Meeting Needs a Dead Bodyepisode starts with a killing or a dead body. The characters then solve the mystery with the audience totally absorbed in how they go about solving the case.

Your weekly meetings are boring. You want to get it over with quickly so you can go and get some real work done. Instead, you should start your meeting by pointing out the dead body. In this case, your dead body is a critical obstacle or challenge that needs to be solved. Believe me, if you started every meeting with focusing on a critical issue, and everyone knew how it affected the team and the people in the company, you will get real work done at your weekly meeting.

So, how do we identify our “dead body” and get to work? You need a dashboard that allows you to track your most important projects and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and everyone needs to understand why these are important to the company. Every week, you and your team should provide an update or status before your weekly meeting begins. If any of these indices on your dashboard are red, they represent your obstacles, your mysteries that must be solved for the health and success of the company. And if you do nothing else this week in your weekly meeting other than solving that together as a team, you had a great meeting and moved your company and team forward towards success.

To see how our clients use 13-week dashboards to find and solve challenges, check out Rhythm.

5 Minute Rhythm-KPIs To Juice Up Your Weekly Meetings

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Patrick Thean


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images