"If it wasn't for Rhythm, we would not have been able to hit our objectives with the same frequency or execution discipline to allow us to launch our product this quickly."

- Chris Tinsley, CTO AvidXchange

Rhythm helped us:
  • Developed and released their new product in 6 months
  • Increased efficiency in R&D by 300%

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AvidXchange was a successful company looking to take their firm to the next level.

It was time to reinvent the company.  

They were religiously doing quarterly planning, going off-site and deciding on the most important thing for the company each quarter and breaking it down into individual priorities for each executive team member.  At weekly meetings they were able to talk about the objectives, but they were overlooking too many details on the progress. The challenge was not in the strategic planning, it was in the execution and tracking of their 90 day plan. Rhythm gave them the ability to status before the meetings and see how things were going from green to red. At the weekly meeting, they were able to have a discussion about how to get things back on track quickly. This new rhythm allowed them to finish a quarter with their priorities green and move the business goals along faster with a much simpler process.

They were able to develop their new product from inception to revenue generation in only 6 months. 

The executive team went off-site, set up objectives, came up with a rough idea of what the product was. The team had to finalize the product plan, create and test the software, decide on product delivery, create and launch a marketing plan, train staff for customer support, have revenue generation, etc. They would not have been able to hit the objectives this quickly without Rhythm. It gave the team the discipline to execute each priority and reach the goal in only 6 months.

Cascading to the entire team is the reason they were able to have this success.

The senior management team was able to have a systematic process to manage their teams. Chris Tinsley explains how his R&D group was able to increase productivity by 300%. Rhythm made it simple to bring the entire team together to talk about quarterly goals. He was able to roll the objectives down to coders who write the code, QA testers who test the code, tech opts who are keeping it up and running and they were all able to see how they contributed to the plan.