"Using our Coach and Rhythm software has allowed us to laser focus in on our issues and take action against them."

- Bryan Hayes, Chief Operation Officer 
  • Successfully aligned over 160 hotels against #1 goal
  • Improved ability to fill management positions on time by 47%

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White Lodging needed to get 160 hotels focused and working on their top issue.

Before White Lodging joined the Rhythm Family, they tended to be a pretty disciplined company, but they went after too many big issues at one time. 

Using Rhythm, White Lodging was able to get 3 layers of management to maintain a weekly focus on filling critical positions faster.

One of the things that is the most important in the hotel industry is filling management positions with qualified people as quickly as you can. In 2010, White Lodging set a goal to fill all management positions within 45 days of them being open. They were averaging 57% of the time they could fill a position in 45 days. Working with their Rhythm Coach and using Rhythm Software they maintained a WEEKLY FOCUS on the top actions needed to improve the % of time they could fill position in 45 days.

In 2010, White Lodging was filling positions in 45 days only 57% of the time. They are now able to do it 84% of the time. 

In 2010, White Lodging was filling positions in 45 days only 57% of the time.  In 2012, they now fill positions in 45 days 84% of the time.  This is a performance improvement of 47%.  With Rhythm Coaching with Software, this increased performance is the new normal. 

According to Bryan Hayes, "Rhythm Coaching with Software has really shifted our ability to perform."


Fun Fact: If you watched the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, you probably already know White Lodging. They lit up the entire outside of the Indianapolis JW Marriott hotel with an image of the Super Bowl trophy. The NFL production team liked it so much, they kept showing it off during the Super Bowl.

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