Using Week In Sync Notes to Solve Problems and Drive Alignment

By Tiffany Chepul

dateWed, Jan 22, 2020 @ 01:50 PM

Our recommended Weekly Meeting Agenda involves talking about three things:   1. your company  2. yourself  3. your clients/employees.  The purpose of the discussion is to make the adjustments needed to keep the quarterly plan on track to Green.  Time spent talking about the Company involves problem solving for struggling Company and Individual Priorities and discussing the adjustments that need to be made.  The individual talk time is when each team member shares their Week in Sync (WIS) notes. Talk time around clients/employees involves sharing any feedback heard during the week. 

During their Weekly Meeting Prep, team members reflect and fill out their WIS Note, which is a simple format of Victories, Priorities, and Stucks.  The template looks something like this:

  • Victories (from the week that just ended)
  • Priorities (for the week ahead)
  • Stucks

However, this simple format can be tweaked to help you drive even more alignment and promote even more solutions-based discussion at your Weekly Meetings.

For example, one CEO told me he felt his team needed to share more best practices with each other.  We added a field to their WIS Note prompting "My biggest challenge right now is..."  Team members are now sharing this weekly and capitalizing on the collective intelligence of the team to work through challenges.

Another client wanted to maintain a connection to their Annual Theme of "WOWing their Customers."   We added a field to their WIS Note prompting everyone to share their "WOW" moment of the week.   This is keeping WOW alive all year and keeping it in the discussion from week to week.  I can guarantee this client's customers will feel it!


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Tiffany Chepul


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