How CEOs Use Rhythm to Eliminate Multi-System Chaos

By Ryan Walcott


Your company is growing fast and managingStrategy Execution projects and tracking metrics across teams is complex and difficult. You now have multiple systems in different teams adding to the complexity and difficulty. The result of this complexity and difficulty is being blindsided by missed goals. You don't want to be blindsided anymore. It stresses everyone out. Opportunities vanish and aren't realized. This costs you and your company millions of dollars. It may cost you and your executive team your jobs.

Don't you wish you could quickly and easily see how well your most important projects and KPIs across the company are performing? Don't you wish you could have clear line of sight visibility into how you are executing against your strategic plan in all areas of the business? You need a single platform for business execution to give you a central source of truth. You need Rhythm.



Our Rhythm software will give you visibility across all areas of your business to clearly see how all teams are doing executing to achieve your strategy. Let me show you with a common example from many of our client organizations around recruiting and building the best talent.

Recruiting, building, and retaining the best talent is a constant struggle for growing companies. It's not just an HR project, it is a top priority for every area of the company. Here is an example of how you can record and track that effort in Rhythm.


In this example your main company goal is to Recruit, Develop, and Retain the best Talent. HR is tracking a few key results that must be achieved to be successful. These include:

  • How many candidates are on your Virtual Bench to be interviewed
  • Number of 1-1 Meetings conducted with existing Managers and their staff
  • Number of performance growth plans completed for existing staff

You also have projects and additional effort in various departments to bring growth and success to the overall company priority. These include:

  • Hiring 3 Customer Service Reps in the Customer Service team
  • Having 6 people attend LEAN training from the Operations team
  • Implementing a new commission structure for the Sales team

All of these key results metrics and team project initiatives can be seen easily from this view. You can also see clearly how each is executing each of the 13 weeks of a given quarter.

In this example, it's easy to see that you are struggling with sourcing candidates to interview and implementing the new commission structure for the sales team. Now you know who needs help and with a simple click and comment you will know why and be able to offer assistance.

You don't have to wait for a report to be delivered to your inbox. You don't have to go looking into all the various systems used by each department for their operational tasks and work management. You can easily see who is succeeding and who is struggling. As the CEO, you want to encourage and affirm the successes and help those who are struggling and need to get back on-track.

With Rhythm, you have the information and visibility you need to be a more effective leader and move the business forward. You can now get your arms around your growth and avoid being blindsided by making adjustments early in the quarter to get back on-track and achieve success.

Want to know more? Get in touch and we can show you the power of Rhythm.

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Ryan Walcott


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