Top 10 Things To Do For Your Team in Q4 (Video)

By Tiffany Chepul

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dateThu, Nov 17, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Fall is finally in the air - the season for celebrating the close of another year and preparing for a fresh new10 Things to Do for your Team in Q4 start in the year to come. Trees are losing their leaves, grass is planted in hopes of a green Spring. Soon we will all be making plans for the holidays with our families - planning trips, buying gifts, sending cards, decorating, making meals. 

Which means, it's also the season of lists. I know I will write myriad lists between now and the end of the year - grocery lists, address lists, gift giving lists, guest lists - I'm getting tired just thinking about it!

But, here's a list you may not have written yet - consider it my gift to you! 


Top 10 Things to Do for Your Team in Q4

1.  Annual Planning If you haven't already, schedule your 2017 Annual Planning session for November or December. We recommend 2 days.     

2.  Set Your Dates Put all of the monthly meeting and Quarterly Planning dates for the entire company for the upcoming year on the calendar now. The team will appreciate being able to plan family vacations accordingly.

3.  Plan a Celebration Whether you've had your company's best or worst year, there is always something to celebrate.  Find the positive and plan a meaningful celebration as a group.

4. New Rhythm Users & Teams End of the year is a great time to update your Rhythm users and groups. Are there any users you need to add or deactivate? Are there any new teams you would like to bring into Rhythm? If you want to rethink how you have your groups organized in Rhythm, now is a good time to consider options.  

5.  Share Stories This is the time of year when we all write our entries for our Culture Book at Rhythm Systems. Each person writes a few paragraphs reflecting on the year and sharing a story or two reflective of our Core Values. If you don't have a Culture Book, start one!  

6.  Audit Your KPIs This is a great time to re-evaluate your KPIs. Did they provide you the insight you needed? Were you blindsided by anything this year? Decide what to keep and what to kill in 2017. What a gift to find out a laborious report you were pulling every week is no longer needed!

7.  Decide on Conferences Decide as a team what conferences each of you would like to attend in the upcoming year. Get these on the calendar. It's not only great for the budget to do this now, but it takes the stress out of managing calendars. You can also divide and conquer to get the most out of your investment and plan to share knowledge. Of course, we hope to see you all at the Rhythm Systems Breakthrough Conference 2017 on October 19th and 20th!

8.  Maximize Your Tools Make plans to get the most out of the tools your team uses in 2017. For Rhythm users, make some goals around Rhythm Certification. Who should get which Rhythm Certifications? Who would be the best person to be your Company's Rhythm Certified Expert? If you use HubSpot, Quickbooks or other tools, make plans for those as well. Having internal experts ups the entire team's game.

9.  Destination Postcards Ask each person on the team to visualize a successful next year. Write a few paragraphs about what they see, what they accomplished, etc. Positive visualization is a powerful tool, and these are great to read at the end of the next year. Start a new tradition!

10. Have Fun and Support Each Other If your business model requires holiday coverage, make those decisions early and support those who may be away from family. Order in some meals. Recognize personal situations and be respectful. Make compromises and pull together. Go the second mile for your employees. After all, 'tis the season.

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