What Does It Take to Achieve Peak Performance?

By Jessica Wishart

peak peformance in business

dateThu, Jun 22, 2023 @ 11:30 AM

How many leaders think about themselves as corporate athletes? How many of us spend time peak peformance in businesssharpening our saw, as Stephen Covey taught? How many expect our teams to deliver high performance?

If we want to be highly successful and productive, we have to be intentional about how we go about achieving peak performance and creating the right environment for our teams to perform at the top of their potential. Whether it is taking care of our physical bodies by getting enough sleep, exercise, and good nutrition; staying mentally sharp and smart; practicing stress management and team building; or keeping ahead of the competition by innovating, eliminating waste, or expanding into new products or markets, there are many paths to achieve peak performance.

Achieving peak performance is the theme for this year’s Breakthrough Conference, so with that in mind, we asked a few of the leaders who will be speaking at the conference to share what they think it means to achieve peak performance, and what stops most teams from getting there.

Here’s what a few of our Breakthrough Conference Speakers had to say on Peak Performance:

"As a leader, achieving peak performance means that my team and I are delivering exceptional results for the business. This happens in tandem with being transparent in our communication and caring for our customers and teammates.
A lack of clear communication, candid conversations and transparency is the Achilles heel for any team trying to achieve peak performance."

- Heather Caudill, Senior Vice President of Relationship Management, AvidXchange, Breakthrough Talk: Are Unicorns a Magical As You Think They Are? Leadership Lessons Learned on the Journey from Startup to Scaleup


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"Achieving peak performance means living an extraordinary life. Getting every drop of potential out of your body, mind & soul. Being the best version of yourself personally & professionally so countless others can benefit.
Not knowing exactly what is required and what needs to be avoided prevents most teams from getting there. A lack of great leadership and crystal clear defined direction that is always the focus."

- John DiJulius, Chief Revolution Officer and President, The DiJulius Group, Keynote: Creating a Customer Service Revolution


Cathy_speaker"Achieving peak performance means higher levels of employee engagement and less workplace drama. Putting effort into creating a performance culture creates healthy habits around discipline, focus, and strategic intent. When you can get everyone rowing in the same direction with the same sense of energy, it's amazing what you can accomplish.
In all honesty, I think what prevents companies from achieving peak performance is having leaders who operate off of an old school mentality of what it means to be effective leaders. This is almost always an innocent mistake, but not recognizing it leads to numerous, unintended consequences. In reality, the same time that's spent on creating a core strategy should be coupled with the same amount of energy spent on aligning a cultural—or leadership—strategy that will support a culture of peak performance. It's simply a set of questions that most leaders don't ask or think about."

- Cathy McCullough, Consultant, Rhythm Systems, Breakout Session: How Great Leaders Lead with Speed and Decisiveness During Disruption


"Achieving peak performance means that, with a great feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction, work is getting done in a way that satisfies the customer (whomever that may be in any given situation). When there is peak performance, the person or the team is flowing and it’s happening in a way that isn’t draining while it’s happening—but you may feel drained after.
Most teams fail to achieve that level of performance because they don’t work on getting in the flow; they focus solely on outcomes and efficiency. Teams that flow know the goal and outcome, take pride in achieving it, and work on the chemistry of the team. Few teams prioritize working on their teamwork."

- Mark Nussbaum, COO, Signature Consultants, Panel: Growing the Next Generation of Leaders


Want more insights on how you can achieve peak performance? Bring your team to the Breakthrough Conference in Charlotte, NC, on October 24-25, 2019. Our outstanding line-up of speakers is ready to dig into this theme and help you leave with an actionable plan to make breakthroughs and achieve success.



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