Employee Engagement in 2023: 6 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged

By Alan Gehringer

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Financial rewards are just the beginning of what keeps employees active in their job role. Another, more Keep Your Employees Engagedoverlooked factor, is job satisfaction. Just like you want to be a part of the company and commit to the success of it, so too do the workers. But, you are also the main character in the story who can either band these individuals together or break them apart through engagement or lack thereof.

The biggest component to keeping employees engaged and retaining them is motivation. Not only do you have to be able to invigorate the workforce, you also must be as active as they are.

Define your vision.

When you have a roadmap for navigating a new terrain, you feel much more confident and people are much more likely to follow. The same goes for your new hires. Culture is a complex yet delicate thing. Employees want to feel like they are part of something grand, and their accomplishments throughout the day are adding up to the bigger scheme of things. Give them milestones to hit as they move through their day. Give them goals to strive for, and then celebrate when those aspirations are reached. Clear KPI’s and priorities can make this possible.

Give employees the feedback they want.

People will usually learn from their mistakes. Many strive to obtain feedback from their superiors about the job they did so that the result of their effort continuously transcends expectations. If you do not give them appropriate feedback, your employees will begin to feel both underappreciated and underestimated. Worse, without constructive criticism, they may continue to make errors that cost the company revenue. Help your employees help you and the business by praising them when they do well and offering advice on how to correct things that went awry.


Not just with your spoken word, either. Email, memos, newsletters, custom smartphone applications, FAQs, and announcements are crucial in keeping the stream of engagement flowing throughout the office space. When everyone feels like they are in-the-know, productivity increases and uncertainty decreases. Hold daily huddles. Allow people to ask questions. If instructions are unclear, find another way to explain. 

Coaching and training.

The present workforce yearns for continuous education and fresh knowledge. Keep your employees inquisitive by offering chances to learn new skills, obtain new responsibilities, and test out various roles within the company. By allowing people to satisfy their curiosities while maintaining a level of job security, you increase work satisfaction. Keep smart! 

Random acts of kindness.

Employees are humans, not drones. People want to feel as if they have value. When you create a relationship with them (while maintaining boss-employee boundaries, of course), you show that you care. Learn the names of their children, their hobbies, and their ambitions. Be flexible when it comes to work-life balance. Also, it does not hurt to gift the group with events or parties throughout the year either.

Create trust.

In other words, be transparent. Try open book management techniques to share what is going on in the company. People remain more engaged and dedicated to the work when they feel like what they do matters. Be the leader who the employees can turn to when something goes amuck. Trust in their abilities, but also be the individual that keeps to your word, delivers when promised, and holds yourself accountable. By doing so, you become the reliable role model everyone wants.

In short, employee engagement is kind of like social networking. You create meaningful relationships, learn about these individuals, and try to incorporate their skills into their job roles. As you communicate thoughtfully, discuss the company’s vision and allow for opinions and ideas from the employees to shape the success of the business. In time, you will have a happier workforce that is just as motivated as you are.

Good luck and engage your employees, Alan


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