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Rhythm software helps mid-market companies create and execute better quarterly plans.



Have Good Quarterly Strategies But No Execution Plan?

Fix your Quarterly Planning Execution Gap



Rhythm software can help create, review and test your plan to ensure it is "execution ready".






Rhythm Software

Planning Without Preparation Is A Waste Of Time

Rhythm gives you the tools needed to have an effective session with your team.

  • Start-Stop-Keep feature captures and groups everyone's ideas allowing your team to vote on priorities prior to planning
  • Collaborate with your team by capturing all the planning notes in one central place
  • In-depth slide deck template for executive teams to be built to the specific objective of your company
Rhythm software: Quarterly Planning screen

Conduct The Executive Team Planning Session

Rhythm captures your plan in an easy to share dashboard so everyone can get work done.

Rhythm software: Quarter Focus Screen.png
  • Follow the Rhythm agenda and use your completed slide deck
  • Review the collaboration of the Start-Stop-Keeps entered by your team
  • Record your top 3-5 company and individual priorities
  • Specify success criteria for all KPI's and priorities to ensure your team understands what success is and what failure is before the quarter starts
  • Determine and record Action Items to help you stay accountable throughout the quarter for completing your priorities successfully on time
  • Review and test your plan right in the software to ensure it is complete and sufficient

Putting A Plan On Paper Does Not Align Your Team

Rhythm dashboards cascade your plan and keep everyone focused on the most important things.

  • Each department can now review the executive team plan right in the software and create their plan to align with the company goals
  • Link KPIs, Priorities and Action Items of all departments and individuals for complete visibility
  • Determine and record Action Items to help you stay accountable throughout the quarter for completing your priorities successfully on time
  • Use the Priorities Energy Map to brainstorm and record your top 3-5 company priorities
  • Rhythm also has a Parking Lot for things that are important but can't get done this quarter
Rhythm software: Quarterly Planning Individual Priorities dashboard.png

Never Lose Track Of Quarterly Progress Again

Rhythm empowers your team to run 13 week races with the right KPI dashboards and metrics.

  • KPI Dashboards let you know what you need to discuss.
  • Composite KPI Dashboards let you drill down to see how other departments and other groups are contributing to the company goals.
  • Custom KPI Dashboards show you how healthy your existing business is and how well your growth initiatives are going.
Rhythm Systems: Quarterly Planning KPI dashboard software

Stay In The Communication Loop

Address problems in real time they may potentially prevent your outcome.

Real-time communication with your team in the Rhythm software
  • Real-time comments let you understand what is happening and fix problems quickly.
  • Email notifications keep you informed no matter where you are all quarter long.

You're Never Alone

Expert consultant every step of the way.

  • Your Rhythm Expert Consultant will help you review and test your plan to make sure it passes the financial, accountability, focus and energy aspects.
  • They help you create the right KPIs and metrics to track every week.
  • They teach you to collaborate as a High Performance Team to accelerate great execution.
  • They teach you the Think, Plan Do Rhythm methodology which will help you establish the right habits to consistently meet or exceed your goals.
Rhythm Systems Head of Consulting - Chris Cosper

Rhythm University

Every Rhythm resource at your fingertips.

Rhythm University
  • Learn the basics - whether your company, a group or a new user is implementing Rhythm for the first time, you can learn everything you need to know right here.
  • Work on your strategy - We call this the Think Rhythm; working on the future of your business through strategic thinking. Learn how to use Rhythm to do effective Strategic Thinking to grow your business.
  • Plan your year and quarter - We call this the Plan Rhythm; execution planning that helps teams and individuals understand what they are supposed to do. It requires figuring out the company priorities that will drive your strategy forward, and then making sure that every single person understands and is aligned with those priorities.
  • Do the work and adjust - We call this the Do Rhythm; your process of getting work done and executing your plan. By being accountable to your plan, you can discover which critical adjustments need to be made and brainstorm options and opportunities. When we make adjustments proactively, we achieve our goals faster.

Get Rhythm Certified

Fast track to learning the Rhythm methodology.

4 different certification programs designed to teach concepts in small bites and can be taken at your own pace.
  • Certified Rhythm Fan - knowledge and tools to implement Think Plan Do.
  • Certified Rhythm User - understand the connection between strategy and execution and navigate the software to record an execution ready plan to run your quarter.
  • Rhythm Group Leader Training & Certification - confidently lead an executive team or departmental group through all areas of Think Plan Do.
  • Rhythm Expert Training & Certification - full access to all Rhythm data and the ability to provide systems administration of the software for your company.
Rhythm Certification Icon

"Great way of tracking annual/quarterly KPI's, priorities and actions. Helps cascading priorities from the executive team down to their direct reports and their accountable teams".

"Easy to see what needs attention and the problem areas".

Amanda Cunningham - North Shore Pediatrics

Angela Wojtyla
Business Development Manager, Redknee



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