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Are Your Decisions Tough To Make? Or Merely Tough To Execute On?

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Published February 01, 2012

Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

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Patrick Thean
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Many of us often struggle with making decisions.  The tough decisions.  I have found that there actually are only a few decisions that are truly tough to make.  I call these the "Head Domino" decisions.  After you make a head domino decision, the decisions following behind are really easier to make.  Not necessarily easier to implement or execution on, but definitely easier to make.  If you are swimming in a sea of indecision, it might be because you have not made your "Head Domino" decisions yet.  
Great execution needs to be aligned to your strategic thinking.  Strategic thinking is the iterative process you go through to arrive at the right place to confidently make your "Head Domino" decisions.  This is how you link your execution to your strategy.  Not making your head domino decisions with the confidence to execute and stick by them is terribly expensive for a company.  
Consequences?  This results in flip flopped decisions, abandoned projects, and ultimately unhappy employees and customers.  In 2011, we saw HP and Netflix excute horribly with terrible consequences as they did not make their head domino decisions well.  Both companies lost market share and stock prices because of poor execution decisions made.  HP replaced their CEO and Netflix's CEO apologized to their customer base. 
What are your Head Domino decisions?  Have you made them well?  The test is whether your everyday tough decisions are easy to make, just hard to execute on, or if these tough decisions are really hard to make.