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8 Ways To Manage Using Your Core Values (Video)

By Tiffany Chepul

    Thu, Oct 31, 2019 @ 04:10 PM Strategies for Growth, Accountable Leaders & Teams

    Once your executive team has worked to discover, test and finalize your Company's Core Values, it's time to go out and live them!  

    8 Ways to Manage Using Your Core Values:


    1. Everyday Management -  Use your Core Value phrases as part of your natural language - in meetings, when praising and reprimanding employee behaviors, when discussion customer & vendor issues, etc.  We should talk about our core values as much as our core purpose.

    2. Create Legends - Create an Annual Culture Book to capture personal stories from the team. Ask everyone to share Core Values stories (we do this around Thanksgiving to celebrate our Core Value of "Be Appreciative").

    3. Recruitment & Selection - Do you veto candidates or fire current employees who do not demonstrate your Core Values? During the interview process, ask candidates to share how they have lived one of your Core Values in their prior job or life experience.

    4. Orientation - Incorporate Core Values into your new employee orientation process. Share the Culture Book and personal stories.

    5. Appraisal Process - Incorporate Core Values in your formal appraisal process - share stories, client feedback.

    6. Recognition & Reward - Name employee awards after your Core Values. Implement an employee recognition box where people can submit recognition of teammates who are living the Core Values to be shared at a company meeting.

    7. Internal Newsletter - Use Core Values in regular employee newsletters,  i.e. Core Values Corner.

    8. Quarterly Themes - When quarterly execution planning, use Core Values language in quarterly themes when appropriate.

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