Accountability + Adjustments = Execute with Speed!

By Patrick Thean

dateTue, Feb 12, 2013 @ 09:57 AM

From time to time I sit in on weekly meetings with clients to help them with their "Do" Rhythm.  The weekly meeting is key to make adjustments to hit your plan for the quarter.  Some adjustments help to accelerate your plans, giving you speed.  Other adjustments help you to avoid the oncoming freight train and avoid getting blindsided.

On this particular day, the CEO seemed to have trouble holding his team accountable to their top priorities.  It seemed that they had a kind culture and found it difficult to call people out when things were not done, when priorities were not green.  

"Guys" I said, "Let me introduce you to a kinder gentler Red-Yellow-Green."  The CEO laughed "Kinder and gentler Red-Yellow-Green?  What are you talking about?"  "Let's look at this accountability thing a little differently"  I said, "Accountability is not to whack someone on the head for coming to this meeting with a Yellow or Red status.  In fact, knowing about a Yellow or Red status early gives us the opportunity to discuss, gather insight, and make the adjustment necessary for the person and the company to win.  Let's welcome the Reds and Yellows, and discuss how we, as a team, can help make adjustments so that we can win."  The CEO liked this kinder and gentler Red-Yellow-Green much better.  

Since then, the team has gotten stronger as they help each other figure out solutions and the necessary adjustments to move Yellow and Red priorities to Green.

So do not be afraid of sharing and discussing priorities and KPIs that are statused Red or Yellow.  In fact, thank the team member for giving you the early warning, so that as a team, you can find solutions and make the right adjustments to succeed.

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Patrick Thean


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