Annual Targets 2024: How to Set Performance Targets

By Jessica Wishart

dateTue, Sep 19, 2023 @ 10:28 AM

As Chris Cosper detailed in a previous post, we have the ability to record 3 types of metrics in our Rhythmtarget-211225_1280 cloud based strategy platform:

We focus a lot on KPIs and Critical Numbers, but we don’t talk much about targets.  Targets are a handful of goals that we determine and strive to achieve over a set period of time; they are usually set during Annual and Quarterly Planning sessions.  We recommend setting Targets for your 3-5 year plan, your Annual Plan, and your Quarterly Plan.  Targets are always lagging, or results indicators.  They should align with your budget, and they may come from financial goals that you have to hit from your board of directors or for your shareholders.  They are often longer-term goals, and sometimes they can be more strategic in nature than your KPIs. 

For example, you may set a target in your planning session to open locations in 25 states in the next 5 years.  This would not make sense to record on your KPI dashboard to update weekly; it is a more strategic result.  Rather than recording it on your KPI dashboard, it might make more sense to develop a Winning Move around expansion in your 3-5 year plan.  Then, you can set Annual Key Initiatives and Quarterly Priorities that support that Winning Move so you can execute to achieve your strategic Target of locations in 25 states.

Here’s How to Set Annual Targets: 

This exercise is part of our recommended agenda for quarterly and Annual Planning.

Here’s How to Test Your Targets:

  • Do you have a plan for hitting your Annual Targets?
    • Do you have KPIs for targets that need to be measured on a quarterly basis and updated and discussed weekly?
    • Do you have Key Initiatives or Priorities to support your more strategic or tactical Targets?
  • Do you have too many Targets? (Remember that focus is the key to successful execution; identify the most important targets and try to stick to only 4 or 5 to track at a time.)
  • Have you communicated your Targets to the company as part of your Annual or Quarterly Plan?

Setting clear targets for the team that are both financial and strategic and recording them in Rhythm is a great way to communicate the results you hope to achieve to everyone in the company.  Once you all get on the same page about where you want to go, you are one step closer to executing and achieving that goal!


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