How to Reduce Chaos at Work During A Crisis Using Rhythm Software

By Tiffany Chepul

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dateFri, Mar 27, 2020 @ 12:07 PM

With information moving so quickly regarding global pandemic COVID-19, many companies are facing the daunting task of taking care of their employees, customers and their bottom line in a fluid environment. We’ve already seen some companies using Rhythm as their tool of choice to keep everyone aligned and executing in lock step.

Here are five ways to use Rhythm during crisis to keep your team focussed:


1. Use an Objective Statement to Establish Common Purpose

Begin your Priority by getting everyone aligned around what the project is, how you are going about it and why it’s important. You can build this out in the description field of your parent Priority for your project. Set very clear Red-Yellow-Green Success criteria as well:

covid19 plan business continuity plan


2. Write Your Project Plan

Next, work as a team to enter all of your supporting individual Priorities in the Project View. Set Red-Yellow-Green success criteria together. Work out any dependencies, and make sure your due dates are aligned.

covid19 plan business continuity plan


3. Nail down the details with Actions

Under each supporting Priority, add your to-do list items as Actions. Think about the actual execution of each Priority, and record your discreet tasks with the correct due dates.

4. Collaborate with Comments

Check Rhythm daily to provide updates to your team through Comments on Priorities and Actions. Read your teammates’ Comments, and offer input. You may check the Following box on individual priorities to have Comments pushed to your email in real time.

covid19 plan business continuity plan


5. Set Up a Crisis Daily Huddle

Plan for a 15-minute stand up meeting with the crisis team to happen every day at the same time. You can customize your Daily Huddle format to include the pieces of information you will need to stay aligned. The purpose of the Daily Huddle is to remove daily roadblocks to your plan execution.

covid19 plan business continuity plan


If you need help using Rhythm to manage your crisis response, our expert consultants are here to help. Reach out to us if you need us! 

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