10 Things to Do When You Fail (Infographic)

By Alicia Croke

10 Things to Do When You Fail (Infographic)

I recently read about a museum of failure, a new exhibition. The Museum of Failure is located in Sweden 10 Things to Do When You Failand showcases high-profile product failures. Some of the items on display include Google Glass, Harley-Davidson perfume, and BIC for her.

When I read about the companies' responses to being featured in the exhibition, I was intrigued to learn that most of them were comfortable with their failure. They had tried and they had failed, but that was okay; it was all part of innovation.

So, how do you deal with failure in your company or in your personal life?  f you are anything like me, you have a hard time dealing with failure. In the next year, my goal is to learn how to overcome failure with a positive outlook, so I found 10 things to do immediately after you fail.

10 Things to do when you fail(2).png

So the next time you fail, take a deep breath, review these tips, and get back on your feet!

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