A Better Way to Implement Your Rockefeller Habits 2.0 One-Page Strategic Plan

By Tiffany Chepul


dateTue, Jan 25, 2022 @ 09:00 AM

Planning Sessions are exciting - the possibilities are endless, the team is optimistic and ready to conquer Better Way to Implement One-Page Strategic Planthe world! You spend countless hours discussing, debating and agreeing on your Core Values & Purpose, BHAG, Brand Promise, Key Initiatives and Quarterly Rocks. Decisions are made. Targets are set. Your One-Page Strategic Plan is beautiful! The work gets put into a Word doc and filed away for everyone to access. "Let's really do it this year," everyone says...

But, things get busy. There are fires to put out. Lots of new opportunities crop up, and there are some unforeseen setbacks. Everyone forgets what was in the plan. No one revisits it. It sits in your shared drive collecting electronic dust... until the next year, when you get together to do Annual Planning again. Then, you open that Word doc, remind everyone what the plan was and see if you hit your targets. There's surprise, disappointment, and maybe an instance where you got lucky. Then, you discuss, debate and agree once again and put another beautiful One-Page Strategic Plan in your shared folder. "Let's really do it this year," everyone says...

It's a common pitfall - one we see all the time as consultants. But, there's hope - a better way to implement your One-Page Strategic Plan. Use Rhythm to stay on track, achieve your targets and get the work done! 

Build Habits: Think, Plan, Do

Rhythm helps teams build strong habits around Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning and Doing the Work. There are screens in Rhythm for your team to work on strategy - Core Values & Purpose, BHAG, Brand Promise, etc. They can share files, collaborate and communicate with each other via the tool. The Annual and Quarterly Planning screens support and guide you through an effective planning session. Once your Quarterly Rocks are entered, Rhythm screens also serve as the framework and backdrop for your weekly meeting.

Connect Strategy to Execution:  Keep it Front and Center

The secret to making your One-Page Strategic Plan come to life is keeping it in front of everyone in the organization and helping them see how their daily work is driving the strategy. Teams who understand the "why" behind their rocks are significantly more invested in delivering results and driving positive outcomes. Rhythm provides a visual mapping of your Rocks back to your strategy, helping everyone see the big picture.

Efficient Meetings: Monthly, Weekly, and Daily

Once your One-Page Strategic Plan is in Rhythm, the tool becomes the blueprint for your Weekly Adjustment Meetings. Users status their Rocks Red, Yellow or Green in advance of the meeting. This sets the stage for discussions that are focused on solving problems and removing roadblocks to achieving the plan. Critical Numbers and KPIs can also be seen in multiple views to help you have the discussions you need to have at your meetings. Not only does this result in a meeting focused on solutions (not status!), but it also holds the team accountable to the plan every week. There are screens to support Daily Huddles and Monthly Meetings as well.

Align Teams and Departments

In addition to the Executive Team having screens to help them execute in Rhythm, teams and departments can also have their own space to develop their plans and have their weekly meetings in the tool. This creates incredible alignment and transparency throughout the organization. Imagine being able to see plans and current status for all departments and employees in your organization!

Teams who have mastered the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 (Scaling Up) are already doing so many things right. Use Rhythm to create a culture of accountability, focus, and alignment and watch your results soar!

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