New Year Resolution: A Better Version of Yourself

By Patrick Thean

New Year Resolution: A Better Version of Yourself

Daniel Pink's book Drive talks about what really motivates people.  His research shows that people are Champagne_Glassesmotivated by these 3 things:  Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery.
As we start out the new year, most of us spend some time coming up with resolutions… only to break them even before the month of January is over.  Here is a suggestion:
Purpose:  Ask yourself what you would like to do that will help you become a better and stronger version of yourself by this time next year.  
Mastery:  What habit or skill do you have to develop or master to achieve this better version of yourself?
Autonomy:  Give yourself a free reign to becoming a better version of yourself.  Less rules.  Focus on Purpose and Mastery.

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