How Do You Say NO To The Wrong Things?

By Patrick Thean

dateThu, May 26, 2011 @ 12:14 PM

It takes courage, and it takes the support and backing of your team as well as your manager or partner.

Courage... does not come from thin air.  You need "Why" Power.  A reason that gives you the courage to say no to the wrong things to do.  

Why power comes from:

  • Understanding the execution plan for your current strategy, and why the project in question is not part of that strategy.
  • Understanding that you have limited resources.  Saying NO to this gives you the energy and time to say YES to something else that is part of your strategic execution plan.
  • Getting your team involved.  Allow your team to share their insights and give you support to say NO.

Patrick Thean


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images