How Would You Increase Leadership Team Urgency Around A Red Critical Number

By Patrick Thean

dateTue, Sep 13, 2011 @ 07:34 PM

critical numberSo... What do you do if your critical number goes red? How do you increase team urgency?

Here are 3 steps to increase team urgency: 

1) Present accurate and timely data: First you need a dashboard that is updated weekly with the most updated and correct data. Urgency decreases if we do not believe the data is current or accurate. 

2) Discuss during the weekly meeting: Then you need to make it an agenda item to discuss and brainstorm in your weekly meeting whenever this indicator is red. Be careful to ask questions that help the team brainstorm and come up with the corrective action plan. Use questions, not statements. 

3) Who What When: Take action this week! Make sure every action item is tracked as a "who what when" with a due date during the week. If the corrective action plan takes multiple weeks, get something done this week. It is important to focus on the 1-3 things that can be accomplished this week to increase or maintain urgency. Set the expectation that we will accomplish this week's who what when items, then come back next week to discuss and confirm next week's items during next week's weekly meeting. 


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Patrick Thean


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