At this time of year, when so many around me are being intentional with their gratitude, I am inspired to slow down and contemplate for that which I am grateful. Amongst many things, this year, I’m particularly thankful to work for a company whose purpose so closely aligns with mine. I relish spending my days helping people and organizations achieve their dreams and goals, and that’s why Rhythm Systems exists. I get to be a part of a team who daily pursues our purpose, lives out our core values, and understands deeply why this all matters.

Our Core Values Are Our Guiding Principles

Our core values are our guiding principles, which are incorporated into all we do. They are not just phrases we claim or merely post to our website, but they are truly embodied in our team and our culture. It’s worth mentioning that our Core Values are:

  1. Go the 2nd Mile
  2. Family is a Blessing
  3. Keep Smart
  4. Be Appreciative
  5. No TDC (thinly disguised contempt)

I love that the culture of appreciation at Rhythm has been cultivated and taken root over the years. I believe this culture helps foster more collaboration and enjoyment of one another and our jobs. At Rhythm, being appreciative is all about having a thankful heart, celebrating people for their efforts and contributions, and honoring our clients. An atmosphere of positivity and thankfulness is much more enjoyable, and it comes when we look around and appreciate what we have and who we work with. 


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Working in a Culture of Appreciation

One of the greatest rewards of working at Rhythm is feeling and knowing that I am valued, seen, and heard. I am grateful to work with leadership and colleagues who

  • Encourage and support one another holistically. We are not just employees, but full humans with family lives, wins, and losses. We aren’t just allowed to bring our whole selves to work; we’re encouraged to.
  • Are intentional with their words. Even while living in such a virtual world, we still nurture relationships with colleagues and clients by taking time to write a thank you note, leave a card on someone’s desk, or give a LinkedIn Kudos. Setting aside time for this practice can make a difference in someone’s day (and yours).
  • Speak Life. We take time to build one another up and honor the impact we have on others. We do this by publicly acknowledging our teammates and clients, sharing credit for projects, milestones, and Breakthroughs, and starting meetings by thanking a teammate or bragging about someone in the room.

When we are appreciative, we’re acknowledging the good in our lives that is often brought about by someone or something outside ourselves. I find that when I focus on the good that is happening around me, I am consistently more positive, create stronger relationships, and enjoy my life experiences more. An attitude of gratitude and appreciation is a muscle that needs to be built and strengthened. Let’s get lifting!

Learn More About Rhythms Core Values


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