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How the Rhythm AI Coach Drives Better Business Results

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Drive better business results with AI powered goal writing

Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

Published March 28, 2023

Drive better business results with AI powered goal writing

Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

Picture of Jessica Wishart

Jessica Wishart
Senior Product Manager at Rhythm Systems

Some of you are probably getting tired of all the new, shiny AI announcements coming out left and right in recent months. This announcement is different.

For as long as I’ve worked at Rhythm Systems (10+ years), our CEO Patrick Thean and our Head of Product Ryan Walcott have been dreaming about our Rhythm Smart Coach. They wanted to be able to offer the kind of suggestions and best practices our expert coaches have learned helping teams craft strategies, execute plans, and achieve goals. They wanted to remove the barriers to sharing proven patterns of success.

The technology has finally caught up with their vision! Now, our Rhythm clients can press a button right when they need to write goals to see helpful suggestions to craft a statement that is clear, specific, concise, and actionable. The goal writing coach barely scratches the surface of what we’ll be able to do with this new capability, and it was an essential place to start.

Brow your business with AI-powered written goals

We understand the fundamental importance of writing clear goals; fuzzy, vague goals lead to misalignment, frustration, headaches, disengagement, and worst of all, wasted time and money. Anyone who has worked hard on a project only to realize their efforts were in vain can appreciate the critical nature of starting with a clearly written goal. Well-written goals drive better results - period.

Benefits of Clear and Understandable Goals

Avoiding the pain of lost revenue or rework due to missed goals is only one piece of the puzzle. When goals are clear and understandable, they can rally the team together, generating excitement and engagement, and moving everyone forward together to achieve the company’s purpose. According to the Journal of Management, goal setting improves employee performance, job satisfaction, and engagement. And, companies that set clear goals and regularly monitor progress on them are 30% more likely to increase their revenue according to an article in the Harvard Business Review.

Write Clear Goals with an AI-Powered Goal Writing Coach

You can see why we wanted to help companies write clear goals! In theory, this sounds easy. But in practice, writing clear goals is a skill most of us haven’t mastered. And, let’s be honest, nobody wants to stare at a blank screen, cursor blinking, wondering how to turn a vague idea like “reduce churn” or “increase sales” into a clear goal. This is why our onboarding experts are constantly teaching and re-teaching and coaching leaders on this skill, and it’s probably why our blog posts on examples of goals are so very popular.


The Rhythm Goal Writing Coach

The Rhythm AI Coach doesn’t understand all the nuances of your business, but it does understand the mechanics of writing clear, actionable goals. You can generate as many possible suggestions as you need, pick one that is close to what you need to achieve, and then edit the details versus starting from scratch. Patrick always says, “It’s easier to edit than create,” and that’s exactly what our new feature will let you do. It’s an easy button to take the guesswork out of writing goals. 

We hope you love it, and that it provides you with the help you need to write goals - and then achieve them!


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