How to Delegate Properly and Hold the Team Accountable [Infographic]

By Jessica Wishart

Delegation Infographic

dateThu, Jan 23, 2020 @ 11:02 AM

All leaders are faced with the realization that when you manage a team, you're not just an individual accountable teamscontributor anymore. The great work you did to get you where you are today in your career now falls to someone else. Maybe you love getting your hands dirty and rolling up your sleeves to do the work, but that's not your job anymore. Now, your success isn't measured on your individual efforts but rather on how well you lead your team.

If leaders don't master the art and skill of effective delegation, the company, the leader and the team will all suffer. The team will be deprived of the opportunity to grow, learn new skills and engage in exciting work. The company will miss out on different ideas that come from new people focusing on those same tasks—not to mention the void in future-focused strategic thinking and leader-building that is left if you are still doing your old job. Plus, the leader trying to do it all will inevitably burn out.

Check out this infographic to learn how to delegate and hold the team accountable:


Delegation Infographic


Let me know your best tips for effective delegation; I'd love to hear what works for you!

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Jessica Wishart


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images