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How to Lead a Tough Conversation [Infographic]

By Jessica Wishart

    Thu, May 3, 2018 @ 11:00 AM Accountable Leaders & Teams

    As a leader, your job will inevitably entail having to initiate some tough discussions. If you want to build an accountable team, one of the key things you'll have to do is remove obstacles, including taking on those tough people issues that can sap a team's energy and momentum. A leader's inability or unwillingness to tackle the elephant in the room, deliver some tough feedback, or confront an issue head-on will sink your team's morale, hurt engagement, and ultimately cost the team productivity and results.

    On the flipside, being willing to give direct, constructive feedback, even if it is negative, will foster a culture where accountability and openness can thrive. 

    Here are some tips for offering constructive feedback:

    9 No-Fail Tips for Giving Constructive Criticism at Work

    Practice these tips to further develop your skills as an accountable leader so you and your team can avoid the drama and focus on what matters: confidently delivering predictable results.

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