Avoid Overload: Manage Your Team Workload at a Glance

By Jessica Wishart

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With the rise in popularity of hybrid and remote work, staggered schedules or just the increased demand on your team's time, it feels harder than ever to get a grip on what everyone is doing and how it's going. In the old world, you could pop in and get a quick update on a key project or easily gauge the mood of the team from passing by them in the hallways or around the snack counter in the break room. Those informal checks are not as easy as they once were. Many leaders are struggling to keep all the balls in the air.
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That's why we built the People Energy Map in Rhythm. Our clients needed a place to see their team's workload at a glance. They now have one screen where they can easily answer these key questions:
  1. Who's overloaded?
  2. Who may not be focused on the right Priorities?
  3. How's the work going?
  4. Who needs help?
  5. Are the cross-functional elements of our team's plan on track?
Rhythm v5 People Energy Map Screenshot
Avoid Overloading Your Team
Many companies are operating on smaller staff and asking team members to do more. Avoid overloading your team by seeing what's on each person's plate - in terms of work they are doing for your team, individual work as well as work they may be contributing for other teams.
Help Your Team Stay Focused
If you notice your team members have a handful of Priorities for your team but a lot of work for other teams, you may need to have a conversation about their workload. Do you need more from them for your team's plan to be successful? Are they focusing their time on the right work, or do you need to pause some other projects for now?
Get a Snapshot of Real-Time Progress
You can see the most recent Red-Yellow-Green status update for each of your team members' goals, as well. You not only know how much work each person has but also how it's going. This high-level view can help you pinpoint who might be struggling with execution and which projects could be at risk.
Pinpoint Coaching Opportunities
Maximize your limited time by using the data on the People Energy Map to see where your efforts to coach team members are most needed. If you have team members who are succeeding and don't need much support beyond your weekly team meetings, you can focus more time helping team members who are feeling overloaded or stuck. Or you can see which team members are managing their workloads most effectively and ask them for help coaching the rest of the team.
Don't Get Blindsided by Cross-Functional Projects
If you have shared resources or projects that depend on work from people outside your department, it can be hard to keep on top of how those Priorities are going. The People Energy Map shows you the people from other teams who are working on your team's plan and how the work is progressing. You can easily see if something is Red or Yellow and circle back early enough before missed deadlines wreck your team's quarter.
We know it's not easy managing a team these days, so we built this powerful new tool to help leaders have the right information at their fingertips to lead their teams to success.
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