One Habit That Can Change Everything (Infographic)

By Jessica Wishart


dateTue, Oct 11, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Our team recently participated in a Covey training which involved taking a self-assessment to see how weiStock_85471263_LARGE.jpg were doing on each of the 7 Habits as pre-work. I am embarrassed to say that some of my scores really sucked, and the one that sucked the most was Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw. While I intellectually know that taking time for myself is what fuels my success in all the other areas of my life, it can be really hard to actually set this time aside.

As I have been reflecting on how I can improve in this area, I came across a habit that I used to do and have gotten away from with time - meditation. As I was doing a little research for myself on how to get back into this routine to sharpen my saw, I came across so many articles about famous executives who swear it has changed everything for them; the internet is crawling with stories about how meditation makes you a better leader, a better negotiator, a better marketer, a better partner, a better person… 

So, I thought I better share my findings with all of you so you can reap the benefits of increased productivity, creativity, focus, happiness and physical and mental health.


As for following my own tips, I am going to create a priority for myself in Rhythm to mediate daily. At Rhythm Systems, we have created a special dashboard called "Sharpen the Saw" where our team puts in priorities for things like exercise goals, learning a new language, keeping smart, etc. So, I will track this on my Rhythm dashboard and rely on my team's encouragement to help me build a strong habit.

I encourage you to try it out, too, and please share the benefits!


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

Jessica Wishart


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images