9 Tips to Make Your Business Agile and Outsmart the Competition

By: Ted SkinnerTue, Nov 8, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Business is moving faster than ever before, and these days your business needs to be as nimble possible to respond to the rapidly changing business landscape. In today’s nonstop global economy, there is always somebody, somewhere trying to capture part of your market and your customers. You need to create an organization able to respond to the changes in the market more quickly than ever, or you will lose market share to the competition. Unfortunately, many of the legacy tools that businesses use don’t adapt fast enough to work in today’s cutthroat global economy and need to be modernized. Software teams realized this decades ago and quickly shifted from the outmoded Waterfall methodology to the Agile software development framework; it is time for the whole business to catch up to this advancement.

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Using Priorities to Completely Align Your Organization (Infographic)

By: Ted SkinnerFri, Jul 1, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

It is that time again. I am working with my clients to help create quarterly execution plans so they can accomplish the goals they set out to achieve. Working with one of my newer clients recently, I noticed we spent a lot of time covering how Company, Group, and Individual Priorities work together to significantly increase their chance of success. I realized that a few of our long-standing customers may have some of the same questions but didn’t want to ask. I thought I would take some time to help clarify how each of these pieces works together in your execution-ready quarterly plan

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Real Examples of How to Use Planning Notes

By: Liz McBrideThu, Apr 7, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Thomas H., one of our subscribers, asked, "What are some best practices on the planning notes features in Rhythm software?"

You're busily entering your KPIs and Priorities for the quarter and notice a little tab on each that says Planning Notes. You may wonder, What's that for?

Or, maybe you’re in the Annual or Quarterly Planning screen in Rhythm and staring at two blank boxes used to capture Pre-Session Notes and Post-Session Notes, and you wonder: What would I put in there? Why are they divided into Pre- and Post-Session? Why not just have one box called NOTES and call it a day? 

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How AvidXchange’s Strategy Rhythm Sky Rocketed Them to $48 MM

By: Patrick TheanTue, Mar 22, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

The fast growing Charlotte-based YPO company, AvidXchange, has grown from $12 to $48 million in the past three years and is shaping the future of the electronic payment industry for the middle-market. A major part of the company’s success is attributed to discipline and a series of regular rhythms:

  1. A rhythm to work on growth strategies; 

  2. A rhythm to plan what the business is going to do every quarter; 

  3. And a rhythm of communication, making sure the work is done every week and every day. 

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The Anatomy of a Great Quarterly Plan (Infographic)

By: Jessica WishartThu, Mar 17, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Your Quarterly Planning session is arguably the most important day or two out of your next 90 days. You need to emerge from that session with a plan that will define the results you'll get this quarter, shape what your teams will be talking about every week in their Weekly Adjustment Meetings, and ultimately determine whether or not you'll hit those annual goals that are aligned to achieve your Company's long term strategy. This plan has to be great! No pressure, right?

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Sharing Quarterly Plans Across Departments

By: Tiffany ChepulSun, Feb 28, 2016 @ 12:00 PM

There are many different characteristics and habits of High Performance Teams, but one that has a big impact on execution is sharing quarterly plans across departments. Does your company do this crucial final step of planning?

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The Difference Between KPIs and Priorities

By: Alan GehringerTue, Dec 1, 2015 @ 09:30 AM

What's the difference between KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and Priorities? This can be a very confusing question, especially for companies who are new to using the Rockefeller Habits or Rhythm's Think Plan Do as a methodology to grow their company and drive their execution. It can be confusing at first as there are some similarities between the two. Both use clear success criteria to measure results or desired behavior, and priorities can often influence the success of the KPIs you are monitoring.

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How to Build an "Execution Ready" Quarterly Plan

By: Tiffany ChepulThu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

I'm excited to be leading a breakout session at our upcoming Breakthrough Execution Conference (BEC). Admittedly, at first, I was a little nervous. Then, I realized it really is what I have been doing with Rhythm clients for the past 20+ consecutive quarters: teaching teams how to build "Execution Ready" quarterly plans.

It sounds so simple, but I see it challenge even the most seasoned teams.  They have their quarterly planning session and deliver what they think is a great plan.  Then, as we dig into it together, we identify gaps that would have toppled their execution mid-quarter if left unaddressed.


Here are some high-level tips for creating an Execution Ready plan, which we will dig into more at the BEC breakout: 

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3 Ways to Shake Up Your Planning Session (Video)

By: Tiffany ChepulTue, Sep 22, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

Having been with Rhythm since 2010, I have some teams that have done over 20 consecutive quarterly planning
sessions. Can you imagine the dedication that takes to never have missed a quarterly planning session in 5 years? It amazes me every quarter to see these teams relentlessly commit to planning as a team - they are completely inspiring! It makes me proud to see so many of them reaping the rewards of solid rhythms and being recognized on the Inc. 5000 list.

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Does Your Quarterly Plan Wish to Go to the Moon?

By: Liz McBrideTue, Aug 11, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

We are officially in the swing of Q3! Did you have a nice vacation? Are you picking up slack for your tan-worshiping co-workers as we speak? Sometimes it takes us a few weeks to feel settled into a quarter. 

My client, Igor, inspired me today. While others may have been spending July loading up cars with beach chairs and umbrellas, Igor facilitated 23 weekly adjustment meetings for various regions and departments. If that wasn’t inspiring enough, he shared with me his passion for making sure every region’s quarterly plans were actual plans. If you are feeling as though your quarter is not as tightened up as it should be, take a page from what Igor tells the teams:

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