Announcing Rhythm 4.0

By Cindy Praeger

Announcing Rhythm 4.0

We are incredibly excited to announce Rhythm 4.0! Rhythm 4.0 is designed for flawless execution. It is built specifically for the challenges mid-market companies face in this ever-changing business landscape.

r4 graphic v10-01.png

New and improved features include: 

  • Team KPI Dashboards - Managers can view KPIs and Connected Comments daily so they can provide the right coaching to get their team unstuck and keep projects moving forward.
  • Project Management - Team members can collaborate on cross-functional projects, see when critical work is off track, and view team conversations to understand the story behind the status.
  • Strategy Connector - Executive teams can see all company and departmental initiatives in one snapshot and drill down to identify the root cause of problems.
  • Connected Comments - Eliminate a stream of unorganized emails. All comments and documents are attached to an initiative in your custom dashboard, so you get relevant, real-time information without any hassle.

I would like to thank our tireless product development team for making Rhythm 4.0 amazing! We've been using it internally now for months, and it is a game-changer. Our clients who have upgraded to the new system are also giving it rave reviews, like "The team was really excited about the new look and feel of R4!"

We have an upcoming webinar on May 2nd to show you all the new capabilities and functions that Rhythm 4.0 has to offer. Please join us on May 2nd to learn how to get the most out of Rhythm 4.0!

 Watch a recording of this Rhythm Systems webinar to learn how Rhythm 4.0 will help you eliminate business growth chaos!

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