No, Your Strategy Does Not Suck - You Just Have Too Many Good Ideas [Video]

By Patrick Thean

Too many Growth Strategies

dateFri, Aug 10, 2018 @ 11:18 AM

“Patrick, my strategy sucks! I am not getting the results and growth that I want. What should I do?” I get Too many Growth Strategiesthis question quite often. On the surface, it appears that your growth strategy is not working. When I ask a few more questions, often I find the strategy or Winning Move is just fine. It’s actually the execution of the growth strategy that is flawed. Most entrepreneurs suffer from the disease of “not being able to say 'NO' to a good idea." So we overeat from the buffet of opportunity, and have too many important initiatives. 

It is very hard to stop overeating from the buffet of opportunity. First, it is counter-intuitive. I mean, how do you say “No” to a good idea? More is better right? No! Not saying "No" is counter-productive. Having too many things to focus on will diffuse your energy over too many projects. You won’t have the resources to focus in order to create breakthroughs. Why? Because breakthroughs take intense focus and energy. That’s why they are called “breakthroughs” -- you literally have to gather your energy and punch through the wall to have a breakthrough. Think about it. Were any of your great successes as easy as you originally thought? Did they take more energy or less energy? More people or less people? More resources and finances or less? It almost always takes more!

This is why you have to have to learn to say “NO” and focus your energy on a few big things. You need to be able to:

  1. Say YES to the right few and NO to the rest
  2. Inspire your choices and projects by connecting them to your company’s mission or Core Purpose
  3. Use your purpose, what you are potentially best at, and your financial engine to help you choose the top 3 strategies to pursue

De-Suck Yourself by Executing Strategically

Your strategy probably doesn’t suck. You need better and more focused execution. You just need to give it some air to breathe and a whole lot more energy to flourish. This 5 Minute Rhythm video will help you to think about how to execute strategically, and help you to limit your appetite at your buffet of opportunity! 


 Download the Rhythm Strategic Execution Plan Tool to know what to do every year, quarter and day!

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Patrick Thean


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images