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by Patrick Thean and the Rhythm Team

Is It Crazy to Rebrand and Launch a Product at the Same Time?

Patrick Thean Sun, Oct 5, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

Actually... No, it is not. It sounded crazy at first, but we began to realize that many of the things we needed to do for rebranding were needed for our product launch as well.

This question came up because we have a rhythm of launching major software releases in Q3. We also prefer to make improvements to our company in Q3. Being the summer quarter, Q3 is typically a little quieter, and we can work on improving our company in anticipation of our customers coming back from summer in Q4. We were worried that rebranding the company any other quarter could be distracting and hurt our ability to execute well for our customers. Thus, we asked if we should rebrand in Q3 even though we were planning to do a product launch.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!!! (Let’s Celebrate)

Alan Gehringer Fri, Oct 3, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

This is one of those songs that sticks in your head and you can’t get rid of it, right?  However, you have to admit, it really sets the tone for a celebration, which brings me to the topic of this blog.  How much time do you spend celebrating the good times and accomplishments in your company?  Part of the Rockefeller Habits methodology is to develop a theme each quarter and plan a celebration and reward when your team hits their targets.

This is an area where I see a lot of room for improvement.  Verne uses the analogy of celebrating the last class on the last day of school.  I have often used quarterly rewards to boost morale and encourage performance. Celebrating only once a year is just too long for most people to relate to.

So, let me tell you about a recent celebration we had at Rhythm Systems.  We just recently re-branded the company from Gazelles Systems to Rhythm Systems.  This was a natural evolution as the software we use is called Rhythm and Patrick Thean’s recent book is titled Rhythm.  There has been a lot of work behind the scenes the past few months to accomplish this, particularly from a content and marketing standpoint.  The good news is, our customers are very happy with the transition, and we have heard nothing but positive feedback.  So, after the heavy lifting was done, a celebration was planned.

5 Tips to Retain Customers When You Rebrand

Patrick Thean Tue, Sep 30, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

We are well on our way to owning the word “Rhythm” in our market. Our software is Rhythm, our blog is Rhythm Blog, and our book is also named Rhythm. The logical next step is to rebrand our company to… you guessed it, Rhythm Systems. To read about how we made that decision, read this blog.

We are still in the process of rebranding. And thanks to MOZ, we are having a blast on our journey. Here are 5 things we are doing to help us rebrand and accelerate our company's progress simultaneously.  

Introducing Rhythm Systems: Rebranding to Achieve Focus

Patrick Thean Mon, Sep 29, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

For the last 6 years, our team has worked hard with Rhythm software and coaching to help many companies execute well and achieve breakthroughs. Breakthroughs don't just happen magically when you have a great idea. It takes strong execution to harvest those great ideas into breakthroughs. We've had a great time and every time we help a company achieve a breakthrough, we live our purpose of changing the world one entrepreneur at a time. Why? Because we can only help to change the world when our clients have breakthroughs towards achieving their dreams. So why did we decide to rebrand ourselves from Gazelles Systems to Rhythm Systems?

Rhythm Systems - focusing on owning a single word... Rhythm!

Our desire is to clear up any brand confusion and make it easier and simpler for our clients and prospects to be clear about what we promise to deliver. For the first few years of our life, we thrived as Gazelles Systems, partnered with Gazelles (Verne Harnish's company).