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Staying Connected to Strategy Through Turnover

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Published April 10, 2012

Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

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Tiffany Chepul
a Rhythm Consultant

When anyone on the executive team leaves, transition can be tough.  No matter the circumstances, the rest of the team can feel unsettled and uncertain. 


How do you maintain the team dynamic, keep everyone focused on strategy and set up the new hire for success?

- Maintain execution habits.  In times of transition, everyone gains comfort from routine.  Make sure the rhythm of Quarterly Planning and Weekly Execution remains consistent.  Weekly Meetings should happen without fail.  Annual and Quarterly Planning Sessions should continue on schedule.  Even if the strategy changes with new leadership, planning and execution habits should remain the same.

- Use your Core Values.  Before a new hire's first day, they should already know your Core Values from the interview process.  This is their first opportunity to see your strategy in action.  Make sure you are using Core Values in your onboarding process as well.

- Educate new leadership.  A great first step is for the new hire to read Mastering the Rockefeller Habits (Harnish) and Execute Without Drama (Thean). This provides them background on the methodology and introduces them to the language and terms (BHAG, Daily Huddle, etc.)

- Review the 1 Page Plan.  As part of your first Weekly Meeting with the new hire, review the 1 Page Plan as a team.  Have one person on the exec team present Core Values, someone else talk about the Brand Promise, etc.  This reinforces that the plan was a team effort and that everyone is aligned around strategy.