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Leadership for Strong Business Execution

By Patrick Thean

    Thu, Apr 12, 2012 @ 11:30 AM Strategy Execution, Accountable Leaders & Teams

    Leadership is often one of the surprising missing elements in business execution.  You can have the best ideas and a strong desire to execute on these ideas.  However, unless you are able to lead your team, your business execution will be poor. 

    Here are 4 steps to provide leadership in business execution:

    1. Provide a clear execution vision.  If your team cannot see or visualize the desired outcome, your probability of success falls.
    2. Provide clear instructions and boundaries.
    3. Get out of the way.  Give them the autonomy to execute.
    4. Inspect what you expect with a consistent rhythm.
    Some of us misunderstand inspection, thinking of it as micro-management.  No, in fact, as a leader, you should inspect so that you know how to be helpful to your team member.  Inspect to learn how you can help them problem solve and get unstuck quickly so they can be successful.  As a leader, you become successful through the success of your team.  So, lead them!

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