Strategic Decisions, The Fuel For Your Execution Engine

By Patrick Thean

dateSun, Mar 27, 2011 @ 11:54 AM

When you go to a gas station to fuel up your car, you have a choice of fuel quality based on octane level ratings.  You might have a choice of 93%, 89%, or 87% octane.

Your strategic decisions and winning moves are the fuel for your execution engine.  But unlike octane levels, the results and outcomes that you will get from the different quality of strategic moves is huge.  You really do not want to run your company on poor strategic decisions.

I participated in a strategy workshop last week by Kaihan Krippendorff, author of The Art of the Advantage.  And I had a blast.  My customer described the session as invigorating, fun, and relaxed.   Using the power of patterns in a non-linear fashion, we were able to generate 85 ideas, and get them down to the top 7 during the workshop. Incredible!  Here is a link to Kaihan's blog.


So when is it time to invest in this type of strategic thinking session?  If you are feeling any of the following pains, you might want to consider calling Kaihan:

  • You are executing well, but it's frustrating that your top line revenues are not growing fast enough
  • You are considering expanding into new markets, but are worried that you will choose incorrectly, invest time and money and get poor results.  Millions are at stake here.  It's not the time for amateur hour.
  • Your gross margins are shrinking every year and more competitors are entering your space.  You are not sure what to do.  You can feel the baby sharks biting your toes off.

The best execution comes from having 100% confidence in the strategic decisions you have made.  Your team needs 100% confidence to move forward, overcome obstacles and win against your competition.  Do you have the best fuel for your execution engine?


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Patrick Thean


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images