Key Performance Indicators

Rhythm software helps mid-market companies create and view the right KPIs with dashboards.


Are your KPIs driving desired business results?

Rhythm software helps you develop, record, view and adjust your KPIs to keep you on track to success.

Getting started with KPIs

Rhythm Software

An Easy To Use Dashboard To Enter And View Your KPIs

Team members enter data and Rhythm populates the views for the company.

  • Enter the KPIs in our dashboard reporting software that you want to know and measure - this will help team members achieve results faster.
  • There are 4 ways to view your KPIs in Rhythm.  You can choose one of these views or a combination of them to use in your Weekly Adjustment Meetings when you discuss KPIs.
    • Scorecard
    • Energy Map Dashboard
    • 13 Week Race Dashboard
    • Custom Dashboards


Rhythm software for KPIs

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Scorecard View: A Quick Pulse Of The Company Health

Executive team can review your scorecards to get a company overview in seconds.

Rhythm software KPI-Scorecard Screen
  • Scorecard view, to get a quick pulse on the company, organizes yourKPIs in 6 categories:
    • People: 
      1. Employees
      2. Customers
      3. Shareholders
    • Process:
      4. Make/Buy/Deliver
      5. Sell
      6. Record Keeping
  • Most effective when used by the Executive Team

Energy Map View: Lists Your Group KPIs

See the energy of the team working to impact your KPI to drive execution on that metric.

  • The Energy Map View is the easiest way to record, prioritize, assign an owner, state what the success criteria will look like and to categorize your KPIs so they show up on the Scorecard view.
  • Review your Energy Map - each square represents a priority, you can see when energy is actually moving results on a specific KPI.
  • The Energy Map view lists your Group's KPIs, either according to how you've ranked them or alphabetically.
Rhythm software KPI-Energy Map Screen

13 Week Race View: See The Trend Line Of Your Quarter

Rhythm software shows you where adjustments need to be made.

Rhythm software KPI-13 Week Race Screen
  • See how you are doing over the weeks in the quarter.
  • Focus on adjusting reds and yellows to get back on track.

Dashboards View: Customize Your Own Categories

Organize your KPIs into groups.

  • Setup KPIs for specific business questions or problems you want to work on or solve. 
  • View them to make sure your leading and results indicators are on track.


Rhythm software KPI-Dashboard Screen

Job Scorecard

Clarify the purpose, desired results, skills & competencies and key responsibilities for each role.

Rhythm software KPI-Job Scorecard screen
  • Clear roles, goals and accountability diminish stress in an organization
  • The leader, employee and the team complete this together so that there is a mutual understanding of the purpose, responsibilities, measurements and skills needed to be successful in any given position.

Remove Guesswork On What Success Is

Get specific with Red-Yellow-Green Success Criteria

  • Set up your SMART goals for your success criteria:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic
    • Time bound
  • Green is your goal  - what you want to achieve
  • Red is a level of performance which is unacceptable
  • Yellow is in between
  • SuperGreen is your stretch goal
Rhythm software KPI Success Criteria screen.png

Dig Deeper Into Individual KPIs

Composite KPIs give you more information without individual work.

Rhythm software KPI-Component screen
  • Advanced feature that can save you time in math calculations to easily see a roll up of your data
  • Group Component KPIs into Composite KPIs in order to sum or average the Projected, Actual, and variance data each week of each quarter.



You're Never Alone

Expert consultant every step of the way.

Alan - Rhythm Consultant
  • Rhythm consultants have created over 150,000 KPIs and Weekly Dashboards for executive and departmental teams.

  • Your Consultant will help you review and test your plan to make sure it passes the financial, accountability, focus and energy aspects.
  • They teach you to collaborate as a High Performance Team to accelerate great execution.
  • You will learn the Think, Plan Do Rhythm methodology which will help you establish the right habits to consistently meet or exceed your goals.


Rhythm University

Every Rhythm resource at your fingertips.

  • Learn the basics - whether your company, a group or a new user is implementing Rhythm for the first time, you can learn everything you need to know right here.
  • Work on your strategy - We call this the Think Rhythm; working on the future of your business through strategic thinking. Learn how to use Rhythm to do effective Strategic Thinking to grow your business.
  • Plan your year and quarter - We call this the Plan Rhythm; execution planning that helps teams and individuals understand what they are supposed to do. It requires figuring out the company priorities that will drive your strategy forward, and then making sure that every single person understands and is aligned with those priorities.
  • Do the work and adjust - We call this the Do Rhythm; your process of getting work done and executing your plan. By being accountable to your plan, you can discover which critical adjustments need to be made and brainstorm options and opportunities. When we make adjustments proactively, we achieve our goals faster.
Rhythm University

Get Rhythm Certified

Fast track to learning the Rhythm methodology.

Rhythm Certification
4 different certification programs designed to teach concepts in small bites and can be taken at your own pace.
  • Certified Rhythm Fan - knowledge and tools to implement Think Plan Do.
  • Certified Rhythm User - understand the connection between strategy and execution and navigate the software to record an execution ready plan to run your quarter.
  • Rhythm Group Leader Training & Certification - confidently lead an executive team or departmental group through all areas of Think Plan Do.
  • Rhythm Expert Training & Certification - full access to all Rhythm data and the ability to provide systems administration of the software for your company.

“I needed another layer of help as far as watching the business in getting feedback and seeing transparency throughout the business so that we could get the right information to make the best decisions.”

Dr. Steve Vogt - President and CEO BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy

Dr. Steve Vogt
President and CEO, BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy



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