New Rhythm Systems Miro App: Bring Brainstorming & Strategy Execution Together

By Jessica Wishart

miro integration

dateMon, Feb 26, 2024 @ 12:33 PM

If you love the flexibility of an unlimited canvas full of stickies but need some more discipline to achieve your goals, this new app is for you! Take your team’s best ideas for goals and strategies and generate SMART goals in Rhythm’s proven platform in just a few clicks. Turn ideas into action and strategies into success by tracking progress week over week in Rhythm.


Why Miro? 

I first used Miro a few years ago, and it was love at first sight. It’s a great free-form collaboration tool for brainstorming, grouping ideas, and visualizing them. 

Rhythm’s brainstorming tools, like our Idea Boards & Planning Canvas, are much more structured and very effective for specific exercises we recommend to create a winning execution plan. Miro is wide-open and awesome for more creative, out-of-the-box ideation. The colors, templates, and never-ending canvases are endlessly engaging to explore. You can even do very cool and useful things like use AI to group sticky notes together by theme.

Our consultants have worked with many clients who use and love Miro over the years, and our own Product and Engineering team uses it for roadmap planning. We throw a bunch of stickies on the board, evaluate the ideas based on different sets of criteria, categorize and tag them, and then eventually the ideas we decide to implement in the next 13-week race get transferred into Rhythm.

When some of our amazing clients asked us to build a Miro integration for them, I was really thrilled!

miro integration

Why Rhythm? 

Some of us would be happy to stay in sticky note mode forever! Just keep adding more ideas over time… the problem with perpetual brainstorming is that nothing actually gets done. There comes a point at which planning must shift to execution or it’s all just ideas and no action.

Taking the best ideas from your brainstorming session - whether it’s in Miro or with flipcharts and markers - and turning them into well-written specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals is the best way to move from strategy to execution. Rhythm is the best strategy execution platform on the market, so what better way to implement your ideas than in Rhythm?!

Creating goals in Rhythm helps ensure successful execution in a few key ways:

  • Accountability: To great a goal in Rhythm, someone has to own it. If there’s no owner, no one is accountable for making it happen. Rhythm goals also have defined Red-Yellow-Green success criteria for clarity and specificity around what success and failure look like. 
  • Focus: Staying focused on goals and monitoring progress every single week is critical to goal achievement. While zooming out to see everything on the never-ending canvas has value, extreme focus on your handful of goals with the discipline of updating the status each week is how to move the needle.
  • Visibility: The weekly status color updates also make it extremely easy to see how the execution is going and narrow in on the right discussions to make adjustments and get back on track. 

Turning the sticky notes from Miro into Rhythm goals is seamless with our new app. Just search for Rhythm Systems in the app library in Miro, and authenticate your Rhythm account to start adding goals. Select the sticky notes, pick the right goal type and dates, and Voila! Your goals are created. You can edit the name, add Red-Yellow-Green success criteria, and even link supporting goals without leaving the Miro board.

Check out the details of how to set up this integration in our Help Center. Curious about how Rhythm software can help you bring your team’s ideas to life? Schedule a demo to learn more.



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