4 Steps to Get Your Team Past Issues and Problems

By: Barry PruittFri, Mar 3, 2017 @ 09:00 AM

Everyone hits a ceiling of complexity. Teens hit a level of complexity in sports, class, and social situations. Entrepreneurs hit levels of complexity in sales, collections, culture, communication, focus, size, number of members, and more. The teams and companies that succeed are the ones that figure out how to solve problems better, faster. And that’s a ceiling of complexity that I observe in many fast growth companies. A one-person entrepreneur shop can move fast, make decisions quickly, and re-chart direction as often as needed. Small companies with few employees can circle a conference table and hammer out solutions. Yet, as your company and teams grow, it gets progressively harder to solve problems in a timely manner.

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Stop Being a Monkey: Low-Hanging Fruit Leads to Failure

By: Barry PruittSun, Jan 15, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

It’s exhilarating to start a company. You have a dream, you wear many hats, you have the constant challenge of managing time from one duty to another, you get to watch your progress brick by brick, and so on. It’s also exhausting. There's never enough time or energy to focus on one thing and complete it well, a feeling of never being caught up, no one to cover you for a day off, limited resources for new opportunities, etc.

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Have You Reached a Ceiling of Complexity? (SlideShare)

By: Jessica WishartTue, Jul 14, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

As a business leader or entrepreneur, have you reached a point where what used to work just isn’t working anymore? 

As your company grows, are feelings of excitement slowly being replaced by the overwhelming feeling that you’re being buried under a mountain of ever-increasing demands on your time and resources?

Do you find yourself constantly having to reinvent new processes and new organizational habits to help your team cope with the ever-changing circumstances of your fast growing business?

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Does Your Company Have a Healthy Rhythm?

By: Melissa EnriquezWed, Sep 10, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

Are there any areas of your business that are preventing you from growing to your highest potential? Maybe you feel like what once worked for your team doesn’t work anymore.  Your company is growing and with growth comes new challenges and ceilings of complexity to break through. Here at Rhythm Systems, we believe that your company needs to develop a healthy Think, Plan, Do Rhythm to achieve breakthrough execution and accelerate your growth.

So, what is a healthy Think, Plan, Do Rhythm?

Think Rhythm: A rhythm of strategic thinking to create focus for the future of your business 

Plan Rhythm: A rhythm of execution planning to let all teams and individuals know what they are supposed to do

Do Rhythm: A rhythm of doing the work to keep the plan on track

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Think Rhythm: Why You Need One and How to Get One

By: Jessica WishartThu, Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:56 PM

We are all busy people, especially CEOs and founders of growth companies.  With the fast paced lives we lead, it can be nearly impossible to imagine setting aside time just to think.  Think time sounds like such a luxury!  But, according to Patrick Thean’s book Rhythm, establishing a regular rhythm of think time is exactly what you need to be doing to identify and hopefully avoid looming ceilings of complexity that could be disastrous for your business.

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