Activation of the One-Page Strategic Plan

By Barry Pruitt

How does your organization typically roll out major change? Often, it is by enlisting the power of persuasion – perhaps the persuasion (and charisma) of the CEO. You may have attended or presented a "Change Speech" at some point - all meant to be persuasive, inspirational, and help your company press the "reset button."Rhythm Systems helps you Master the Rockefeller Habits

As long as your audience is already willing to accept change, then those speeches can be a great beginning.  But without some level of acceptance and trust, they are as good as speaking to an empty room.  In essence, you can convince people to endorse an idea that they generally accept, but when talking others into an idea that they initially may reject, you must be an expert at delivering the message.

Here is the startling conclusion:  Persuasion and other typical communication tactics are unlikely to work when instigating high stakes change – and, your decision to use the proven power of the Rockefeller Habits and the One-Page Strategic Plan is high stakes. So, what can you do?

Since persuasion is a weak tool for getting resisters to change what they are doing, consider activation. It is the "try it, you'll like it" method.  For example, when coaching activation of the One Page Strategic Plan, we promote early positive experience so change can gain its footing, right from the start.

Here are the key aspects of activation:

  • Start with baby steps. Imagine a car dealer that sees you looking at a sports car.  You may not intend to buy, but hey, why not just sit inside, or take it for a spin?  Before you know it, you are driving away in a new Porsche.
  • Catch them in the act. At the beginning stages of change, reward employees who are giving it a try, when they are still grappling with uncertainty. That’s why we coach our clients to tighten up and perfect the One-Page Strategic Plan over time … not all at once. Why not just sit in the Porsche and smell the new interior?
  • It's okay to make mistakes!  When making change, insecurities rise to the surface.  The Rockefeller Habits and our format of Execute Without Drama make it safe. The focus is on making progress toward a well-defined strategy – not on catching someone in the wrong. Now that you’re in the seat, what's the harm in taking that Porsche for a quick spin around the block?
  • Make it easy. The path of change can be greased by making it easy to take the first few steps, encouraging involvement, and offering training, right from the beginning. We guide and coach clients to proceed at a pace that allows their team, group leaders, even the CEO, to succeed -- building strength and endurance for greater than 20% growth. Now that you’ve taken the Porsche for a spin around the block, let’s see how we can put it in your garage!


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Barry Pruitt


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